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We’ll Grow Up and Be Kids


Fandom: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Characters/Pairings: MakoRin, Haru
Written for isumiilde for Iwatobi White Day 2014 (where there are so so many amazing fanworks <3 Go check it out, guys!)


When Rin sees Gou’s eyes well up just as the conductor yells, “All aboard!” he can’t help but swoop in for a last quick squeeze. His mother sighs wistfully above him, running a fond hand through his hair before she pushes him away so that he can board the train.

He stays there by the door, waving to his small family as the train pulls away from the platform and out of the station. It’s only when he can’t see any trace of the pair anymore that he lets his hand drop and wanders inside to find somewhere to sit.

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Someone does!  :D  I might but if anyone out there wants to they are more than welcome.  The same goes for any of the other headcanons/AUs that I’ve posted (unless Nonny issue with that.)

Makoto caring a lot for Rin appreciation photoset

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"but, loved by the sun"


tachibana makoto & matsuoka rin, 4k+
falling in love and learning to love each other

-» -

This is not the kind of sunburn that can be prevented, but it is the kind that can be healed. 

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By あまくら

※ Permission to upload this picture was given by the artist


I have this headcanon that the first “date” Mako and Rin had (neither was aware it was a date, mind you), at the end both walked to Rin’s campus together then stood awkwardly in front of each other waiting for something to happen but neither knew what lol, I can see this happening.

I feel like I need to contribute to the magnificent tag of MakoRin, because reasons. Love them, love the ship forever and ever, may they have lots of adorable and romantic babies. 


MakoRin Drabble: Haru discovers that Makoto’s got himself a crush.

xposted on ao3

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Kissing Is Not Like Swimming - makorin fanfic

» “It’s not like we actually know what good kissing is like,” Rin replied easily, casually fiddling with the collar of Makoto’s sweater with his free hand, pausing before looking up, locking gazes with Makoto in a way that made the latter’s breath catch.

ao3 link - confusing makeouts/makoto feeling things/high speed!/shota makeouts

(i repeat - shota makeouts)

you can thank this drawing


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I feel awful. (My mom’s first words upon coming home was “are you sick?” which explains a lot because I don’t usually look sick even if I’m sick.) So obviously, what I had to do… was write MakoRin Family to cheer myself up.

Also, because this seems to be a very important headcanon to my feels, I’ll tag all of these drabbles with #MakoRinFam. I’ll fix the others tomorrow.

Rin had been running for an hour in his usual route when he saw Ryan throwing stones at the beach. At her side was Nagisa and Rei who were watching her fondly. “Hey!” He called out, jogging towards them with a small frown on his face. He crouched down when he was close enough, watching as his six-years old daughter ran towards him excitedly. “Good morning, baby.”

She hugged him briefly, then put one of her hands on her hips while she used the other to poke on his cheeks. “You’re frowning.”

That made him smile. She always scolded him about it, something she took from Makoto. She’d imitate Makoto’s tone and pose every time he complained about anything. It was adorable. “I’m just thinking why my baby is alone in the beach.”

"I’m not alone!" She exclaimed, eyes wide. She threw her hands up, motioning towards her two uncles. "Nagisa-kun and Rei-chan is there!"

Rin blinked. “Eh?” He asked, looking around. “Really? I can’t see them.”

She pouted and crossed her arms as she looked at her uncles. “You used the invisibility spell again!” She scolded. “Daddy would worry if I’m alone!”

Nagisa positively melted at her cuteness, while Rei laughed out loud. “Aw, Ryan, we wanted to surprise your daddy!” Nagisa explained, waving his right hand as if to dispel the spell. “Now, Rin-chan, do you see us?”

"Oh!" Rin faked a gasp. "They’re really there! What a shock!"

Ryan smiled brightly at them, eyes shining. “Nagisa-kun’s magic is the best.” She announced solemnly.

Nagisa preened at that, loving the compliment. He’s always been the one who would tell outrageous stories and do magic tricks just to impress his godchildren. Rei rolled his eyes, smiling fondly at his partner. “Makoto’s at the animal clinic.” He said instead, as way of explanation. “Kotori insisted on waiting for you at Haruka’s.”

Rin groaned, nose crinkling as he looked up in the sky with despair. “He’s in love.” He said. “Haruka will steal my son from me.”

"Kotori is Papa’s!" Ryan exclaimed, placing her little hands on each side of Rin’s face. "Daddy shouldn’t worry! Kotori is Papa’s!"

He couldn’t help but laugh and nod. “And Ryan is…?”

"Daddy’s!" She proudly exclaimed. "I’m daddy’s favorite girl!"

Rin couldn’t stop himself from rushing forward and hugging the little girl, standing up to spin her around as she laughed happily. “Of course you are! Ryan is daddy’s favorite girl!”

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Silent Conversation (10709 words) by pimpinsharkboy [AO3] →


Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Free!
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Matsuoka Rin/Tachibana Makoto
Characters: Tachibana Makoto, Matsuoka Rin, Nanase Haruka, Hazuki Nagisa
Additional Tags: Fluff and Smut, lame teenage boys, Samezuka AU, dorks being dorks, Probably up the rating later, horny boys, makorin - Freeform, Trying to smut

It all started when he told Makoto he thought he had a crush on Haruka. Of course the bright and cheerful Makoto hadn’t responded with the obnoxious, ‘You like guys?!’ He was better than that. He simply asked, ‘Haru-chan?’ for clarification. And that had been three years ago. In those short three years Rin had gone from ‘Haha, having a best friend is nice’ to ‘Wow, he’s pretty attractive’ to ‘Fuck…NopeNopeNOPE’ and finally gotten to the desperate ‘SHITSHITSHITSHIT’. After realizing he had a thing for the one and only Makoto Tachibana, it took him a long time to adjust. By adjust he meant stand close to the other boy without losing his shit. He was still working on that.

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