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We all need some Makorin in our lives

"My name is Matsuoka Rin. I came here from Sano Elementary School. I have a girly name, but I’m definitely a guy! I hope we all get along."

The classroom fell suddenly silent. Maybe they’re nervous, being faced with a new classmate. Or maybe the class is full of habitually quiet honor students.But he didn’t have long to think that, as the silence quickly turned to chatter. Well, I’m an out-of-season transfer student, since I came in January of sixth year, and on top of that, I have a girly name, so their reaction is only natural. While Rin was thinking that and looking out over the classroom, one of the boys stood up.

"Matsuoka-kun!" It was Tachibana Makoto. He was looking at Rin happily, with a friendly smile on his face. 

Rin had already known that he went to this school, but… “…Tachibana-kun? I didn’t know you were in this class.” —High Speed! CH1

Anonymous: "Ever wonder if the world would be better off without you… ?" with MakoRin?


"Rin?"  He leans back from his seat the edge of the ridge and sees Makoto standing a few feet away.  Makoto gives him a weary smile and comes closer.  Moonlight is strange, Rin thinks as takes in the bags under Makoto’s eyes and the paleness hiding in his cheeks.  You’d think moonlight would be softer.  But it isn’t.  It shows you the world in harsh blacks and whites and very little grays.  Makoto sinks to the ground behind him and rests his forehead on Rin’s shoulder.  "It’s been a long few days."

Rin hums in agreement and looks back up to the stars.  Such bright lights shouldn’t look so cold, so distant.  ”Hey, Mako?”  He whispers.  ”You ever wonder if the world would be better off without you?”  Makoto shifts and hooks his chin over Rin’s shoulder.

"Do you think it would be better without me?”  His breath ghosts past Rin’s ear and he shivers.

"Of course not."  Rin replies immediately.

"Do you think it would be better without you?"

"Some days."  Rin admits and Makoto’s sigh fills the air.  "I’ve hurt a lot of people Mako."

"You’ve helped a lot of people too, Rin.  Or are we not as important?"

"Of course you’re important."  Makoto slips his arms around Rin’s waist and pulls him into his lap.  Rin is flush against Makoto’s chest and he squirms a moment at the sudden closeness and heat.  "There’s just a lot of things I regret."  Rin is starlight.  Cool, distant, so cold it burns.  Beautiful and harsh and frightening.  Taking the easy dreams of daylight and throwing shadows of harsh realities across them.  "You wouldn’t get it."

Rin is starlight and Makoto is sunshine.  Warm and forgiving.  Beautiful and loving.  Shushing away the frightening realities of night with a loving touch.  Easing your burdens with the warmth of-

"The fire."  Makoto murmurs.  So quiet that even pressed this close Rin almost misses it.


"We all have things we regret, Rin.  Not just you."  Rin spins in Makoto’s arms until they’re face to face and he slips his legs past Makoto’s waist.  There’s a sadness in Makoto’s eyes that Rin can’t stand seeing.  But there’s also a strength there, a comforting steel will that Rin would love to possess himself.  He sometimes forgets the overwhelming control that Makoto has had to learn, what he’s had to sacrifice to overcome this part of himself.  Rin knows, probably better than most, the kind of never ending torture this thing puts on a person.

"I never regret you." Rin says.  Makoto pulls him tight and buries his face in Rin’s neck while Rin stares up at the stars.  "And I never will."  Makoto kisses his shoulder, his neck, his chin, while Rin looks up at the night sky and runs a cool hand down Makoto’s back.

Makoto leans away and Rin looks at him.  There’s a kindness in Rin’s eyes that hide the hurt and confusion that float beneath the surface.  But there’s also a determination to forge his own path and sometimes Makoto wonders if he can follow that path too.  Makoto is sunlight and Rin is starlight.  But Makoto knows something that Rin doesn’t.  He knows that, despite it’s initial coldness, starlight has it’s own kind of comfort.  A cool touch that’s soothing and soft and clear, with none of the sunlight’s harsh warmth and fuzzy designs.

Starlight and sunshine wrapped together.  Sharing kisses and comfort and heartbeats.  Starlight and sunshine meet at the start and end of every day in a splash of color that brings comfort and hope to more people than either Rin or Makoto will ever meet in their lives.

And that brings it’s own kind of warmth.


Title: Meet Me HalfwayArtist: fayheyheyTeam: 4Theme / AU: Mermaid!AU


Title: Meet Me Halfway
Artist: fayheyhey
Team: 4
Theme / AU: Mermaid!AU

{FIC: Makoto/Rin): Home


Title: Home

Fandom: Free!

Pairings/Characters: Tachibana Makoto/Matsuoka Rin.

Warnings: Hastily written in the midst of family gath because I had feels. Unbeta-ed, standard grammar errors warning, also part of Respite Verse because I miss it.

A/N: Happy Eid Mubarak to all of you who celebrate it! In lieu of that, though, I’d also like to apologize to all my followers and friends for everything I’ve done that might have offended you. You guys have all been very great, thank you for making me so happy! I’ll still be away for another day, at least, since Eid is a time for family and RL, but have a quick ficlet. I’ll be replying to your asks once I got time to go online properly alright?

(I have a thing for airports and long distance relationship when it comes to MakoRin sssshhh) 




Between them, Rin figures, there have been countless flights and airports, bridging the thousand miles gap between continents where the two of them have to constantly travel through to come home. It’s become some sort of symbol of their oftentimes long distance relationship—months where they could stay together and months where they have to leave each other. 

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I drew it after i had watched first episode of free but have ended it only now xd

I think this isn’t actual anymore xd

I have another one with regisa maybe i will  finish it too

full size is better :)


tachibanamakotos answered: makorin where mako takes rin to meet his whole entire family at a family reunion

I had a lot of trouble with this, so it’s really short and I’m not super happy with it, but here you go.


Rin reaches the doorway and pauses just outside the threshold,…


i’m just rin matsuoka trash and i ship him with everyone. it’s hot right now but here, a winter pic for the holding hands free69min prompt


i’m just rin matsuoka trash and i ship him with everyone. it’s hot right now but here, a winter pic for the holding hands free69min prompt

sememura: meeting again at a high school reunion au; MakoRin.


48. meeting at a high school reunion au

After leaving to pursue his dream as a professional swimmer, Rin came back after getting a class reunion invitation. Excited to see his friends again, he unexpectedly finds Makoto different.

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Boys in their not-actual-whale BF’s jackets buying shampoo—it’s shampoo. Wag ka mangontra.